Graphic Design Major @ Columbia College in Chicago.
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    Bus Stop Violations

    …”Damn you cute” is not a compliment. Your opinion of how i look is not something i want nor need…let alone shouted at me. Smh

    Roadrunner . Sorry Instagramming streak. Lol

    Shhh #commuterlife #train #bnsf #black and white #video #mine #my art #my photography #photography #high deft


    Im so lost right now. I have exactly a week to decide if im going to stay in school…my senior year. Im never the one to stress or worry, but this whole situation has got me all effed up. Like literally my senior year, after all i’ve done, turns into the year that all these problems arrive. Uggggh! Stupid money.

    I don’t know what to do. Really…Lost;